Monday, July 15, 2013

Styled Shoot -- Part Two of Four {Christina}

It's time for another model from my styled shoot in June! This talented beauty not only models professionally, but makes gorgeous cakes and cupcakes as well! {check her out at Once Upon a Cake Co.} As I mentioned before, and I'll mention again -- I had so much fun doing this! I shot Christina last out of the four models, and with the sun low in the horizon, I was able to get some super dreamy shots!

{Hair by:Christine Allan Aders
Makeup by: Linda Hahn}

I was with the very last group to shoot with Christina, and she was letting her hair down. Selfie anyone?

Such a versatile model! She can rock the hardcore look and then in the next instant pull out this mega-watt smile:

 I know you want more! So go over to Frances Tobler's website for her take on Christina!!!

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